The Rise of Software Developers in Africa
The Rise of Software Developers in Africa


The Rise of Software Developers in Africa

A Quick Overview of Africa’s Tech Industry

Technology is playing a vital role in the transitioning of Africa from the sidelines of the global economy into the mainstream. A team of experts from different African countries once stated “only technological development holds the key for a much-desired transformation in Africa.” This is true in every sense. So far, there has been the emergence of a technology ecosystem — a growing trend of entrepreneurs, technology ventures and innovation centers — converging from one African country to another, to boost regional trends in business, investment and modernity. Due to the global craze and need for all things IT in general, and software in particular; coupled with various foreign investments such as Silicon Valley investments, African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya are now homes to tech startups.

Africa’s software development, despite its slow start, is now speeding up. As the continent grows more interconnected, it is producing innovative web-based applications and dynamic new business models. “Technology use is expected to increase rapidly across the continent in coming years”, concludes a report from McKinsey & Company.

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